College ID : SPPU / NS / BCA / 94 / 2006
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

 Department of Science celebrated Science Week from 20/03/2023 to 25/03/2023.  |   Ph.D. Admission 2022-23 Student List Declared.

Students Mentoring System

Students Mentoring System will open a window of opportunity to many people who will know that as an institution, we are destined to the bright future. This will also espouses the college spirit which is built up within the college through the collective actions, thoughts and aspirations.

Students Mentoring System provides an intersection of great challenge and great opportunity for the students and teachers to review their efforts and to analyze their achievements in development. Nurturing creativity and inspiring innovation are two of the key elements of a successful education, and this Students Mentoring System is the perfect amalgamation of both. It harnesses the creative energies of the academic community and distils the essence of their inspired imagination in the most brilliant way possible.


  1. To develop healthy relationship between students and teacher.
  2. To ensure academic and personal excellence of students.
  3. To inculcate the human values among students.
  4. To help the students understand the challenges and opportunities present in the college and develop a smooth transition to campus life.
  5. To counsel academically weak students and to play an important role in helping troubled students cope with academic, extra-academic and personal problems.
  6. To make the students be self-aware of their strengths and weakness and take necessary progressive action.
  7. To create a sense of oneness among students with the institution.


The institutional practice of Mentoring System has considerably enhanced the campus environment and brought about:

  1. Enhanced contact hours between Mentors with their respective students.
  2. Improvement in student’s attendance records & academic performances.
  3. Unnecessary burden on the students can be eliminated or minimized.
  4. Students will be able to take right decisions in the challenging situations in their life.
  5. This system will be fruitful for the future growth of both students and the college.
  6. Student’s holistic development is achieved.

By successful implementation of Students Mentoring System aims to improve the overall Personality Development of the students and to inculcate qualities and skills like problem solving, decision making, stress management, self motivation and human values. Teachers as mentor play a crucial role in mentoring students. Students and their mentors share responsibility for ensuring productive and rewarding mentoring relationships. Both parties have a role to play in the success of mentoring. For students, a mentor is someone who serves as a guide throughout their institutional training. They provide both professional and personal advice to the students. They further give constructive feedback on writing, learning and other elements of career design. They can serve to help students balance professional goals with their personal lives or give emotional encouragement during challenging times.

Students Mentoring System Manual

Students Mentoring System Manual