College ID : SPPU / NS / BCA / 94 / 2006
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

 From Academic Year 2024-25 Entrance Test is compulsory for admissions to First Year BBA and BBA(CA). For more details visit news section.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Rules for Parking

  • All vehicles should be parked in the parking area provided by the institute.
  • A vehicle should be properly locked and parked.
  • A vehicle without a lock will not be allowed in the parking.
  • The institute will not be held responsible for vehicle held outside parking area of the institute.
  • Girls and boys students have separate parking.

Anti-Ragging Notice

The college has an anti-ragging cell to prohibit ragging into the institution.

Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999

Ragging within or outside of any educational institution is prohibited. Whosoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets, or propagates ragging within or outside any educational institution shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term upto two years and / or penalty which may extend to ten thousand rupees.

Any student convicted of an offence of ragging shall be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution for a period of five years from date of order of such dismissal.

Examination Rules

  • The student must have minimum 75% attendance in theory and practical of the respective subject.
  • Student must appear for all internal as well as university examinations.
  • In case the student is unable to appear for examination due to medical or other reason beyond his/her control, he/she should make the case known to the examination section and the principal for consideration of matter with satisfactory documents to support his/her case.
  • Student must read the scheduled timetable of examination carefully and check regularly the changes made in time table if any.
  • Student must be present in the examination hall ten minutes before the start of examination.
  • The student should obey the instructions given by the supervisor in the examination hall.
  • Student should not speak or communicate in any way with any other candidate in the examination hall during the examination.
  • Exchange of writing materials, mathematical instruments etc., is strictly prohibited
  • Student must not enter an examination hall more than half-an-hour after the start of an examination. Also student must not leave an examination hall less than half-an-hour before the end of an exam.
  • Student must not carry notes, blank papers, books, calculator, mobile phone or any other electronic data storage device with them during the exam. All rough work must be done in the exam booklets provided during the exam.
  • A warning bell will be given ten minutes before the close of the examination; at the second bell student must stop writing and be ready to hand over the answer-books to the supervisor. Student must not leave the seat until all answer-books are collected by the supervisor.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • The students should keep the identity card with them regularly and should wear the dress code.
  • Whenever the identity cards are requested by the relevant authorities, they should submit it. 
  • Courtesy and respect must be the key aspects of student’s behavior.
  • Disrespect and disobedience may result in disciplinary action, involving suspension or even expulsion.
  • Attendance at all lectures/ practical/tutorials/tests/assignments/examination is compulsory for all subjects.
  • A student, who is not regular in attendance or fails to carry out his/her work to the satisfaction of the Principal, is liable to cancellation of his/ her terms.
  • The student who does have minimum required attendance of 75% of actual lectures/ practical / tutorials/ tests /assignments conducted in each term or do not show satisfactory progress in terminal / preliminary examinations will not be allowed for college/university examinations. 
  • The student who remains absent for the periodical test / examination due to his/ her illness shall be required to submit the medical certificate, along with the application endorsed by parent. 
  • Every student must have a minimum attendance of 75%. 
  • It is necessary for the students to be present at the time of admission in college and filling up of any examination form. 
  • The students should complete the tutorials, tests and demonstrations as per SPPU, Pune and satisfaction of the proficiency. 
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college premises and outside. Students indulging in ragging will be punished as per “UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Education Institutions, 2009, Published in the Gazette of India dated 4th July,2009 . Such students will also be expelled from the college and F.I.R will be lodged with the police against them. Moreover, it will be mentioned in the college leaving certificate of such students that they are expelled because of their indulgence in ragging.
  • Students with a previous record of ragging will not be admitted to this College. 
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, use of explosive or dangerous substances, consuming poisonous drugs or alcohol in any form is strictly prohibited in the College campus.
  • Stringent actions will be taken if rules are violated. 
  • Copying in any examination, keeping notebook pages, directly or indirectly possessing the wrong way, exchanging answer sheets or supplementary answer sheets, allowing proxy writer will be treated as an offence and necessary action will be taken on the student. 
  • No student shall collect money without written permission of the Principal.
  • No notice shall be put on the notice boards, including black boards without the written permission of the Principal or the faculty members authorized in the matter concerned.
  • Students shall not organize picnic, excursion trips etc, on their own, without the written permission of Principal.  All programmes, meetings, gatherings, picnics etc. will be organized only with prior written permission of the Principal. 
  • Students are prohibited from doing anything inside or outside the college that will interfere in college administration or affects its public image.
  • No outside influence, political or any other should be brought into the college, directly or indirectly.  Scribing on the walls and desks etc. should be avoided.
  • If any student is found scribing the walls/desks, disciplinary action shall be taken against him/her. 
  • The rules set by the College Principal needs to be followed time to time.  The Principal’s decision is final in all cases and it is mandatory for all students. 
  • The students who bring bicycles or two wheelers have to park their vehicles in the parking area allotted for them in the college.
  • College officials will not take responsibility for theft or damage of vehicles parked in places other than parking space set by the college. 
  • Follow strict adherence of discipline in and out of college campus, S.T. bus and public places.

Code of Conduct for Teachers

  • Teachers should demonstrate high standard in teaching and learning by engaging students in learning and work to achieve high level outcomes for all students.
  • Teachers should protect students from harm by recognizing that students have a right to a safe and secure teaching and learning environment.
  • Teachers should exercise leadership in their role as supervisors by acting as positive role models, acknowledging the work of staff and encouraging initiatives, responsiveness and leadership amongst staff. 
  • Teachers should discourage any form of discrimination harassment at the workplace.
  • Teachers should facilitate advance students learning by implementing the educational goals and priorities of the college and system. 
  • Teachers are accountable for encouraging students to strive for high standards and to value learning.  Teachers should exercise efficient and effective resource management.
  • Teachers should have fairness in their duties and integrity in their work. 
  • Alternate teaching arrangements need to be made while applying for any leave in discussion with the Head of the Department and approval of the Principal. 
  • College I-Card and Dress Code is compulsory.

Code of Conduct for Principal

  • The post of the Principal is appointed by college management as per rules of Govt. of Maharashtra and it is approved by affiliating University Authorities. 
  • Principal is full time academic and administrative officer of the college and will act as drawing and disbursing authority. 
  • He/she should stay at the college campus and will not leave the campus without the permission of authority. Before leaving the campus he should do alternative arrangements for functioning of day to day activities in the college. 
  • He/she being academic head should support, guide and think innovatively for overall development of students in the college.
  • He/she should encourage and support research activities through the faculty and P.G. Students.  He/she should obey discipline and must bear high moral character.
  • Principal should prepare budget, put it before Governing Council for sanction and execute it with commitment. 
  • Principal should search for various scholarships for students and grants for the college. 
  • Principal is responsible for smooth conduct of college and should guide for preparation of yearly plan, administrative and financial management in consultation with governing council. 
  • He/she should establish good public contacts in society, Govt. offices, University etc. for overall development of the college.
  • He/she is supposed to plan & execute sports, extra-curricular and cultural activities for overall development of the students. 
  • Principal has to manage and control faculty and staff on the campus and make optimum utilization of the available Infrastructure. 
  • Principal should be punctual and cooperative to all his colleagues and seniors.

Code of Conduct for Support Staff

  • Commence work on time.
  • Use all work hours productively and ensure that their activities in the workplace do not impede the effective operation of their department.
  • Maintain a supportive environment for while performing their assigned duties.
  • Respect confidentiality in all matters.
  • Understand the job scope, practices, and procedures relating to their position.
  • Ensure accuracy and thoroughness in the performance of their assigned duties.
  • Meet targets regarding work to be performed to the best of their ability.
  • Manage time effectively.
  • Be well-organized.
  • Demonstrate ability to solve problem within the scope of their position.
  • Demonstrate ability to work independently when appropriate.
  • Show initiative.
  • Notify their in-charge if they are unable to come to work. Submit leave application to the in-charge if want to avail vacation.